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Giving Rise to Underserved, Overlooked Voices in Caribbean & Pan-African Communities.

We’ve traveled far and wide to bring you the very best user-generated content in the fields of art, culture, media, business, and technology as experienced through the lens of underserved voices in Caribbean and Pan-African Communities. 

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"Policies affect lives for better or worse. It is in all our best interest to work together in ensuring policies are positively impactful.

Black Girl Politica (BGP) is a digital platform founded and curated by Creative Industries Professional and Techpreneur Kerri-Anne C. Walker. Kerri-Anne has spent her life merging her creative talents with modern technology tools and business best practices to build sustainable creative careers and enterprises for herself and others. 

BGP was conceptualised from the many discussions Kerri-Anne would have with her friends and colleagues across key industries who were engaging in ground-breaking research and enterprise creation, but whose work was often stereotypically overlooked by virtue of factors like background, and locale. This reality, coupled with the belief that every voice needed to be heard to make the conversation(s) a rounded one, made it clear that a platform to house and promote these diverse perspectives, as well as the voices discussing them, was important.

So, here’s to the advocates, experts, lay-persons, and everyone in between who can lend their voices to the discussions of policy and how it affects those treated as the least among us.

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Black Girl Politica is a thought-provoking, content-rich, platform and network filled with the voices and diverse perspectives and experiences of peoples across the Caribbean and Pan-African communities as they speak on the politics and policies of art, culture, media, business, and tech industries as they have interfaced with them.