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Black Girl Politica is a network and community platform giving voice to peoples within the Caribbean and Pan-African communities and the policies that impact their professional and personal lives.


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Many of us view policy as the domain for the highly educated, the politically inclined, or the social activist. Yet, this is far from the total picture. 

The truth is, whether we opt to actively engage with them or not, policies and social constructs directly affect the ways we are able to live our lives and experience the world around us. Policy impacts each of us – sometimes in ways that we are unaware of until we begin to learn from the perspectives and stories of those we can readily relate to. 

That said, it should be the goal across our organisations, institutions, communities, cities, and nation-states to build policies that directly impact each of us positively, and in particular, the marginalised and vulnerable. As such, it is important that we begin to bring influential voices from those in said communities to the table and take a closer look at how what exists impacts us and how we can contribute to improvements therein. 

There is no need to be a policy-maker to write for Black Girl Politica. One needs to simply have an expertise in your area of choice and perspectives that can improve existing policy and their impact on the lives of those they govern.


Joining BGP means being confirmed as a regular contributor to the platform’s content pool in the given area(s) or expertise you have chosen. 

Once you are confirmed as a writer or content producer for a given area of expertise, then you will be given your own login where you will be able to publish your own content at your own pace and on your own time.

Importantly, while you remain independent in thought and content output, please understand that BGP is a curated content space. As such, your content and presentation will be edited to suit the look, feel, and sound of the platform. No, your perspectives, opinion, or natural communication style will not be altered.

A key component of what we do here at the Black Girl Politica platform, is ventilate important academic, policy-relevant issues in a way that can be easily understood by the ‘average Joes and Janes.’ 

As such, while we expect the information shared to be accurate, it is important that the same is simplified in their language presentation for optimum understanding. 

As far as other content production guidelines are concerned (like preferred voice, presentation preferences, SEO requirements, etc.), all writers and content producers will be provided with a detailed guideline. Additionally, all your pieces will be reviewed and edited to suit the platform before publication.

Yes! We absolutely want our content to be dynamic and love when even articles are accompanied by images, illustrations, video, audio, and much more. 

So, be sure to exercise your creativity and put your best foot forward when presenting your content.

A resounding yes!

Often times, content we come across in different spaces can inspire us, or they simply tell the story as it should be told. If you come across such content, the some can be featured in any of your publications on this platform.

Just ensure that before you publish any user-generated content, that you secure the permission of the original creator and/or credit them properly (including providing links to their platforms).

Please see our legal page for more information including disclaimers and other requirements 

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yes, Your Perspectives & Experiences matter Just As Much.

"Policies affect lives for better or worse. It is in all our best interest to work together in ensuring policies are positively impactful.

Kerri-Anne C. Walker
Founder & Content Creator, Black Girl Politica

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