How visuEats is Changing the Global Food Industry for Restaurants and Diners

As far as it concerns food, I am a walking conundrum. Firstly, I am not a passionate foodie in the truest sense. I am a selective foodie at best. I am both the least adventurous and pickiest eater. For both these reasons, I like to know where I am going to eat and have a clear enough idea of what to expect from food beforehand. I am that friend or business colleague who is most likely to look up menus online and stalk restaurant Instagram pages ahead of any lunch or dinner meetup.

My range of food and flavours remains very limited in one area and downright non-discriminatory in other arenas. Where ‘typical foods’ are concerned, I am pretty much a chicken, fried fish, and curried goat kind of girl. My favourite foods fall into what Jamaican Rastafarians call ‘ital.’ The rest of the world would dub these options vegetarian or vegan. I do love my vegetables and meat alternatives that are well-seasoned with natural herbs and spices. It is in this arena you will find me being most adventurous with food. That said, sometimes these options are not widely available except for niche locations. Also, these options are sometimes done very well (unless a Rastaman prepares it… true story lol). Consequently, I stick to some limited options from the ‘typical foods’ variety.

All of that brings me to the point of today’s C-note article. I am a fan of a ground-breaking new restaurant menu app called visuEats.

About the visuEats App

The visuStory and How It’s Changing Things

visuEats is a visual restaurant menu app serving both restauranteurs and diners with an end-to-end visual menu solution. In a nutshell, the app puts the focus on photos and video displays of what menu items are offered up.

The fact that visuEats is global, means that users and restaurants the world over can enjoy the benefits.

This is great for diners who can start positively anticipating their meal before even ordering and eating. Diners can also discover new restaurants and meals close to where they are located.

The restaurants using visuEats to host their menu also benefit from providing their diners with an elevated experience and being discovered by diners in market segments they would never otherwise be able to reach. On the backend, restauranteurs benefit from the data-driven options to inform their decision-making and help generate more revenue.

Why I Fell In Love with the Concept

I am a techie at heart. I firmly believe that technology should be used to make aspects of our life and work easier. So, wherever I find technology doing just that, I am all game. Given my picky eating (in addition to my propensity for travel), I find visuEats to be both cool and useful. If I am travelling to a new country or city, I can know exactly where I can go to eat and what I can enjoy there using visuEats. I can opt to tap into this information ahead of travel or wait till I get there. If you have gotten this far in today’s C-Notes, then chances are you already have an idea of which option I am likely to choose. I will be browsing and eating with my eyes long before even getting to that city or country.

Simply put, I love virtually all the elements visuEats offers up and I find it particularly cool that it has found a way to be more than a delivery app or food-ordering app. Instead, it offers a fulsome solution that the restaurants can benefit from while the rest of us eat with our eyes. I highly recommend restaurants the world over host their menus there and diners download it to find their favourite eats.

How I Connected with the Brand

While you may be convinced that visuEats is the next best thing, you may wonder how I came across this great resource. Well, my experience discovering visuEats was an uncanny one. I happened to reconnect with an old high school friend on Instagram and she shared the visuEats IG page with me. When I eventually checked out the page and then the website, I was blown away. I jumped back in the DMs so fast to tell her how much I thought this app was great. That’s when I learned that she was indeed the CEO of visuEats and we had a conversation. The rest as they say is HERstory. I committed to doing all I could to help her spread the word and support her and I am still here.

Why the visuEats App Is Featured Here

As you would have already realised from reading my very first C-Note, Black Girl Politica takes a look at politics and policies and how they impact the lives of Caribbean and Pan-African peoples. As a Caribbean national myself, I feel those voices are often left out of the global conversation in such matters. The owner of visuEats is a black Jamaican woman in tech and she is revolutionising the game. I feel like her story and product are placing her at the forefront of the conversation regarding food services, lifestyle, and technology. Furthermore, as I have continued to think about this platform and its direction, I am realising more than ever that our lives are impacting policy and politics just as much as the reverse is true. This, I find, is particularly true where technological developments are concerned.

In many instances, modern technology is putting power in the hands of those individuals and communities (like ours) that are often ignored. So much so, that saying technology development and its impact on our lives is outpacing that of the policymakers and their policies is the understatement of our time. Viral tech products and conversations on popular tech platforms, in today’s world, often cause things to shift in one direction or the other. visuEats is an embodiment of all of the above.

Let’s Talk About It

Have you ever used the visuEats app when travelling or dining at one of your favourite restaurants? What was your experience like? Sound off and let us know.

Visit the official visuEats website to learn more and download the visuEats app from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store Today!

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