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Black Girl Politica is a user-generated content-driven platform designed to shine a light on the often-overlooked perspectives and experiences of vulnerable and underserved peoples within the Caribbean and Pan-African communities.

The content here is carefully curated in an effort to provide the most informative and user-friendly experience possible. The diversity in categories highlights the dynamic nature of the platform, and is organised as follows:

Personalities & Community Contributors

At BGP, we are working to ensure that information shared here is rounded, researched, thought-provoking and solutions oriented. As such, we gather content from a variety of voices of various levels of knowledge.


C-Notes is where all the perspectives offered up by Black Girl Politica’s Curator in Chief are hosted.

Expert Takes

Expert Take, as the name suggests, is where we host the perspectives and dynamic content output from our network of professional voices.

Your Voice

Your Voice is where we host your perspectives! Yes, you can sound off on topics you are interested in, and the existing policies that guide them and impact your life experience.

Content Types / Media Categories

One of the things we intend to do here at Black Girl Politica (in addition to bringing you substantive content, of course) is to bring you a variety of content types. So, while there is a lot of text-heavy content (classified as ‘written word’ articles), you can also expect a wide range of audio, audiovisuals, images, and graphics to make up our total content pool. Our diverse content types are categorised into the following three options:

  • Written Word
  • Audio / Audiovisual
  • Imagery (photos, infographics, etc)

Admittedly content types can overlap and be mixed in their presentation (for example, written-word posts can have audio included). In such cases, those posts will be filed under the category of the dominant content type. The dominant content type is the one that accounts for a total of 51% or more of the total information presented. Percentage is derived from the length of the audio or audiovisuals posted

Written Word

Written Word speaks to any post to the platform’s blog where 51% or more of the useful information presented is accounted for in written text.


Audiovisuals category includes any posts where audio or other audiovisual posts account for more than 51% of the posted content. Typically video features, podcast audio, and the like will be included in this category.


Imagery speaks to category where 51% of the content volume (or 51% of the relevant information posted) are images, infographics, and the like. Memes/gifs and editorial art are also included in this category.

Why the Focus on Policy?

Whether we recognise it or not, policies are all around us and they affect our daily social functions. When we go to the bank, for example, the policies there impact what we are able to do with the money we have there. If there is a policy that determines that you can only withdraw a certain amount of money at a time, this policy will impact your withdrawal limits whether or not you desired to withdraw more. Consequently, a closer look within this context at the policies governing banking activities and how the same affects our lives is certainly warranted.

Of course, the above is a very basic example, but it gets the point across; everything we do is governed by the push and pull of what’s permissible (and what’s not), through the dictates of policy. It is this reality that drives the focus here at BGP on the policies that affect us across the scope of our lives. So as we ventilate experiences and perspectives across this platform, we do them in light of the policies that have helped shaped them into what they are or are not..

It is the mission of Black Girl Politica to provide an impactful safe space for vulnerable, underserved voices within the Caribbean and Pan-African communities. At BGP, we welcome all thinkers, innovators, professionals, and laymen and laywomen alike. 

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